June 22, 2022
Screening curated by Aily Nash, followed by a conversation with Dora Budor

Platonic, Dani Restack, 2013, 21 min

Qualities of Life: Living in the Radiant Cold, James Richards, 2022, 18 min
(PENUMBRA, Fondazione In Between Art Film, Venice)

For the closing event of Dora Budor’s solo exhibition Continent, moving image works by Dani Restack and James Richards will be screened and discussed by Budor and Nash in relation to affinities found in the exhibition.

Dani Restack’s Platonic makes palpable the emotional life of disparate worlds. Micronarratives of desire and the co-existence of various interpretations of events are revealed through affecting annecdotes and intimately rendered expressions of sentience. Qualities of Life: Living in the Radiant Cold, the most recent video by James Richards, operates as an endoscope, fluidly moving from the interior of a waste drainage pipe to that of analogous conduits in the human body, while erotic and mundane objects which penetrate the body— syringes, sex paraphernalia, Q-tips, a thermometer—float, suspended in fluid. Restack and Richards’s shared proclivity for suturing disparate source materials, whether borrowed or produced by the artist, induces a bodily experience through the collision of objects, images, and subjects. Echoing the intertwining of interiority and exteriority seen in the exhibition, these works share Budor’s preoccupation with conveying the mutability of physical forms, as well as an emphasis on the porosity, vulnerability, and malleability of bodies, systems, and narratives.